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  • Whoa Nellie Equine Services

  • Whoa Nellie Equine Services

We train all ages of riders as well as work with and train different breeds and problem horses in South-Central Pennsylvania. Our passion is the Arabian horse.


Professional training plans and training techniques are custom-prepared for each student and/or horse.

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Riding lessons are provided by a qualified instructor with an educational degree in equine studies, elementary education and special education.

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Horses available for lessons, breeding and sales

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We are 25 minutes from Mercersburg, PA, 35 minutes from Chambersburg, PA, and 45 minutes from Carlisle, PA. We are only 2 miles from the PA Turnpike Willow Hill Exit. The area is loaded with trails, trees, and breath-taking mountain views.

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I chose to raise a foal and break it myself (with only past riding experience and no training experience). Well let's just say, I missed the basics, but do have a rather satisfactory trail horse. Unfortunately, because I missed a few steps, trailer loading became the issue upon which my mare and I had strong disagreements. I could get her on with weeks of coaxing and patience and the minute I tied her up, she would explode and it would take weeks of coaxing to get her back on again. I contacted Cindy and was impressed with her ability to load my horse in a couple of hours and the patience and diligence she applied to the lesson. While sometimes overwhelming, Cindy is more than willing to impart all of her training knowledge as she goes through the process to ensure that when left on your own, you can take steps to continue to re-enforce desireable behavior. Anyway, Cindy loaded my mare and we trailered her to Cindy's location for a month of basic training, to include. "Human leadership, horse follower 101 - how to lead, lunge and take direction from humans" "Standing patiently while tied - no pulling, pawing or pushing" and most important to me, "Load on the trailer in 5 minutes or less - which apparently has the other two training courses as pre-requisites". The results have been quite lovely. I am able to load my mare without a fuss, and I am relatively confident that if she were to refuse, that I would know what steps to take to effectively load her (fortunately I haven't had to find out yet).