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Riding Lessons

What should I wear to a riding lesson?

Students should wear pants with movement, such as jeggings, sweatpants, or riding breeches/tights.  Students must wear boots with a heel, but no chunky thread like a hiking boot.  Students must ride with a helmet, helmets are available.  Many students elect to buy their own helmet.

Why are riding lessons expensive?

Horseback riding lessons are kept as economical as possible.  However, the cost of purchasing, maintaining, feeding, training, and caring for a horse is quite high.  Horses must be fed and cared for every day, year-round, weather they are used for a riding lesson or not.  The costs of horses, insurance, and gaining horse experience is often overlooked.  Our trainer Cindy has also spent a tremendous amount of time, money and effort acquiring a degree in Equine Studies and Master’s degree in Education.

The benefit for you is that you gain access to not only a good horse trainer, but a great teacher that knows how to help you understand the techniques.  She is scaffold the big ideas to help you grow to the next level and meet your goals.

I ride western, do I still have to use a helmet?

Yes.  We practice safety techniques as well as encourage them.  There are western styles available.

Can I use a bike helmet for horseback riding?

No.  Bike helmets meet different safety standards and are meant to protect a different type of fall.  Helmets must be approved ASTM/SEI helmets.  This insures they mean the criteria to protect you in the event of a fall.


My horse rides in a curb bit. Why are you training him in a snaffle bit?

Cindy believes that all horses should be ridden and schooled in a snaffle.  A snaffle can be used to soften a horse laterally.  As the horse improves in snaffle, the horse will improve when curbs, or more complicated bits are applied.  That means if you horse performs well in a snaffle, his performance will only improve with a curb bit.

Do you have question?

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