Professional lesson plans and training techniques are custom-prepared for each student and/or horse.

Our trainer, Cindy, takes great pride instilling great values that extent beyond the riding arena. All lessons are private unless otherwise scheduled.  Both adults and children age 6 and up are welcome.

Lessons and training sessions are held at CD Stables, 14566 Mountain Green Rd, Willow Hill, PA.  CD Stables are owned by Cole and Keri Daniel. Stalls are available for trailer-in lessons. Facilities include a round pen, indoor riding arena, 12×12 rubber matted stalls, several private paddocks and miles of mountain trails.

All riders need to wear an ASTM/SEI certified helmet, long pants, and boots with a heel.

Students have opportunities to compete at a local and open level of competition, but it is not required.

We teach the following:

  • Lunge line no stirrup seat work
  • Centered Riding techniques
  • Understanding of seat, leg and rein aids
  • Basic jumping position and technique
  • Body Control for equines
  • Basic horse grooming and care

Lesson Fees

Hourly Training


per 1 hour session

*Each lesson lasts for 1 hour – training hours wlil depend on desired training course and outcomes.

Mileage Fee


mileage fee*

*please call for an exact quote, $15 fee will cover areas 30-50 miles from Willow Hill, PA